An introduction to Gabriel Sado

From his imagined figures, his aerial perspective and high angle photography, to his poetic landscapes, discover this photographer work.

….perhaps no invention is more significant than photography. 

It seems likely, in fact, that photography was one of the major catalysts of the Modern Art movement: Its influence led to decades of vitality in the world of painting, as artists were both inspired by photographic images and pushed beyond realism. Without photography, perhaps modern art would never have existed. 

by Aaron Hertzmann


Gabriel’s ability to capture nature’s most intimate details, those aspects of form and texture, as realized through light and shadow, which parallel actual experience in nature the appreciation of what is close enough to touch and smell. These elemental, personal interpretations are not offered in contrast to Gabriel’s exalted distant views, but stand as complements allowing for a truer understanding of the photographer’s complete vision of the natural world.


New York City is a dense, chaotic mosaic of some eight and a half million people, each with their own individual stories. How can I possibly understand and describe this endlessly complex collectivity-what they share and what distinguishes them from others? I am a cutting -edge contemporary artist who use tools to enliven and humanize views and to shed new light on how I understand the urban environment.

It is important to understand that the intensely creative and innovative developments in New York in the 1940s gave birth to the radical and world-conquering new style of art, construction and painting that in the early 1950s became known as abstract expressionism that give birth at the city that never sleeps.