Gabriel Bio:

Gabriel, aerial photographer and film maker has spent his years capturing the still image of people, cultures and landscapes from around the world, to around the block, with a very unique and distinctive style. Like he says Im rarely without my camera and drone.

A native Argentinian, Gabriel resides in Lima, Peru , though equally at a street corner through Redwood forest of Cusco, riding the rails deep into the Secret Valley , or navigating the chaotic streets of New York. Today, when shooting, Gabriel searches for the perfect moment where all the elements of light, landscape and timing come together to form a single wonderful instant. Gabriel Sado captures images that reveal the mood of an area rather than what typically gets captured in traditional photography .

Since 2006 Gabriel Sado has lived and work in Lima and actually run a fine aerial photography and film business . As Sado’s skilled improved, his unique voice has clearly emerged.

Much of Gabriel’s fine art images are soft and subtle, while others are mystical and playful and gravitate toward elements that play with perceptions of focus. While Sado’s shoots in color much of his work is later converted to black and white using his proprietary studio techniques. In this was Sado can hand tone images using combination of existing color with a hint of artistic license.

Each Gabriel’s piece of fine art, is protected with a unique sealant process with protects the work from moisture, abrasions and sunlight. This enables collectors to see the image without having any of the distractions of glass.

Artist Statement:

“I love to record the mood of a shot, said Gabriel” “ I allow myself to be completely immersed in the surroundings”.

Every movement, every expression comes alive trough my lens, is the true essence of what I feel”.

While out making photographs I spend a great deal of time trying to see things in less than a literal way. The techniques and tools with each project or series often change, but the perspective, drama, and passion of the image remain consistent. My work can be recognized by a timeless and ethereal quality here the imperfections of the subject, camera, or technique to the area often part highlighted  as an integral part of the image. The chaos and constant state of flux in the world I use to my advantage and would not be able to create what I do without it.

The wisest words Gabriel ever gleaned from his mother were to do what you love as your life’s work. Truer words have never been spoken.


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